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Ultimately, ANY success is based upon COMMUNICATION success.
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It's all about how well we COMMUNICATE with each other. 
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We help professionals in EVERY field
dramatically improve their communication effectiveness.

Poor communications can cause errors, accidents, and deaths. 

Improved effective communication results in greater success.

Leading industries (NASA, airline, healthcare) are testing and teaching a variety of methods of improved communications to prevent errors, accidents, and deaths.

After more than a decade working with business leaders and business professionals, we have proven that the key to success is improved communication, and that the key to improved communication is an effective handoff.

The success of an effective handoff is simple
  • It needs the giver to be responsible for accuracy and completeness.
  • It needs the giver to be responsible for verification that the receiver understood the entire message and corresponding responsibilities.
  • It needs auditory and visual evidence the receiver grasped the message and accepted the responsibilities.

Communication handoffs have a lot in common with physical handoffs:

In the physical world, the giver of an object never lets go until there is evidence that the receiver has fully grasped the object, and accepts responsibility for it.

In oral communication, the same standard is achievable.