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- Michelle, Nurse Educator ,  2011
As a hospital educator, I was able to sit back and watch the attendees have fun while learning techniques and concepts that, if applied to daily communication, can be life changing. As a nurse educator, the information has helped me to ensure that education is occurring rather than the information just being communicated without evidence that it is received effectively. 
After the seminar, I received feedback from those that attended with factual stories that demonstrated that what Me. Mahar gave to them was now at work in their professional roles. With a bit of mindfulness, the concepts will slip their way into both your professional and personal lives and the impact that it will have professionally is of tremendous and potentially priceless gain to any organization. The learning that occurs is the best possible way I have seen to ensure that handoffs are effective in achieving patient safetysafety goals as well as structuring communication in the workplace to be constructive and outcome orientated.
- Shriners Hospital, 2011
- Shriners Hospital, 2011
Thanks Sean. Thought you would like to know I am a converted communicator now thanks to your class and have shared your teachings with several of my peers. Thanks for not giving up!
- Jerrold, Chief of Administration, Springfield Fire Department, Springfield, MA
I never realized how simple yet powerful this skill can be, Sean's training program highlights the incredible difference between ineffective communication and effective communication, and he does so with easy-to-learn steps and great sense of humor. Since taking his program, I've noticed significant changes in both my personal and professional interactions. I highly recommend it to anybody who ever has to talk - Which is pretty much everybody. 
- Steve, Professional Teacher
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Mr. Mahar demonstrates passion in his delivery leaving you feeling like you should have personally paid for the professional life coaching You will not want the seminar to end! The quality and relevance of his seminar should be compared with that of any highly coveted keynote speaker of professional forums. 
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